We combine progressive content with a highly creative and immersive context that engages participant

- Harvard Business Review


C2 offers premium, end-to-end event design and management services to its partners.


Take control of your event ROI and reach your target audience, generate awareness and create monetization opportunities.

Experience design

We infuse immersive environments with complementary content using award-winning collaborative methodologies.

Event technology

Events should be a connection-driven experience. Amplify your results by integrating tools that cover everything from ticketing to data and elevated networking.

Production and management

End-to-end conceptualization, design, production and event management for brands wishing to redefine community engagement.

Sales and partnerships

We provide a business model based on key partnerships that will be seamlessly integrated in the content and various strategies of engagement.

Guest services

Through a five-star concierge service, we provide the client with a memorable, positive experience from the beginning to the end of their journey.


We curate programming (incorporating collaborative methodologies), book speakers and develop the content format.

Marketing and editorial solutions

Audience engagement and growth using editorial reporting, social media amplification and targeted content distribution.


Collaborative experiences, technologies and other value-adding turnkey solutions .

C2 has developed many solutions as part of the events we produce in the C2 Spaces we manage or for third-party productions. These event solutions have been researched, developed and successfully tested at C2 Montréal, our flagship event. They include collaborative experiences, technologies and other value-adding turnkey solutions.


C2’s unique, custom experiential brainstorming environments, called Labs, function as metaphors for a business challenge. They are designed to push participants out of their usual frame of reference in order to spark creativity and encourage new perspectives. The following are the Labs on offer:

  • Cloud

    Navigating the unknown

  • Pool

    Immersing yourself in an idea

  • Sky

    Landing the next moonshot

  • Briefcase

    Unlocking creativity

  • Transparent

    Changing the narrative

  • In the dark

    Exploring the unknown

  • The Net

    Embracing risk

Connection tools

Our connections tool can be used as a single management platform that covers the whole process, from ticketing to data and analytics. It comes in the form of a wearable smart badge that integrates technology allowing participants to:

  • Exchange their information
  • Plan their schedule
  • Access their contacts
  • Speed up registration
  • Pay for products with their badge
  • Benefit from orchestrated connections
  • Receive data insight and participant analytics

Guest experience

Our expert Concierge Team offers five-star service assisting participants with their questions and needs both before and during their event. The Concierges ensure a seamless and pleasurable experience through:

  • Logistical support during the event
  • Smooth registration, scheduling and more
  • VIP guest services

Content amplification

C2’s premium live-broadcasting space captures the big ideas coming out of your event as it unfolds, helping to grow brand awareness and affinity. It has four components:

Content broadcast centre

This unique glass studio allows your speakers and other thought leaders to go deeper into topics with an expert interviewer. This content can be broadcast live or recorded for post-event use.


Using state-of-the-art equipment, conversations in the Aquarium can be broadcast live and then redistributed in video format to partners. The content created can be used for post-event marketing, and the audio feed from the interviews can be repurposed for podcasts.

Expert hosts

The Aquarium wasn’t designed for formal interviews but rather conversations. Our skilled hosts facilitate seamless interviews and bring burning questions to the table.

Content creation

Editorial services that capture and distribute content (learnings, takeaways, key moments) derived from your event.

Turn-key mini events

The Spark Experience is an immersive, custom, one-day program designed to take participants out of their usual frame of reference, unlock creativity and inspire new ways of thinking. Throughout the day, participants are moved through a series of activities designed to maximize learning, connection and collaboration.