Culture & Careers

Welcome to C2 :)

We power human connections to drive progress


At C2, we value diversity and excellence, and are committed to creating the conditions necessary for all of our team members to succeed.
Welcome to the world of event marketing strategies! Here, we work to build the C2 brand, create monetization and increase audience reach and engagement by designing and producing original and relevant editorial content, which is then amplified on social media and distributed in a targeted manner.
With the aid of leading-edge technology, Creation team storytellers shape an event experience from the ground up. They infuse immersive environments with compelling content using award-winning collaborative methodologies.
You’re obsessed with analytics, are a brainstorming maestro and a pro at presentations. Put your unique skills to work in optimizing the experience for our customers and business partners.
You speak logistics and you like things to run smoothly? Add your expertise to C2's offering of event production, event management services, conference design, broadcasting and logistics.
Collaborate with us to design, build, test, document, maintain and operate our platform’s backend, user-facing UI and APIs. You’ll spend most of your time hands-on in the code, spearheading feature development projects.
Measure, optimize and quantify goals and ROI while ensuring and growing performance across departments and services.
​​Carve out your spot as an ally within our company, working with various C2 teams to ensure optimal human resources management.

What’s in it for you?

To work at C2 is to be an active participant in change as part of one of the event industry’s most successful, driven, supportive and fun teams. We’re goal-oriented and value diversity, creative thinking, risk taking, respect, humanism and sustainability. The proverbial cherry on top is a range of competitive conditions:
Flexible hours – you manage your time
Unlimited vacation policy
A full range of group insurance and health benefits
Flexible location – you work wherever you want, or join the office team
Unlimited participation in all our events
An active wellness club