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Movin’On Summit

By hosting the Movin’On Summit, Michelin has placed itself at the core of the sustainable mobility conversation, making itself a key player in an industry in transformation. It allows the company to remain at the forefront of innovation in their field, seizing the opportunities that emerge from a strong ecosystem of mobility industry leaders, cutting edge tech companies, government leaders, startups, academia and other significant stakeholders.

A key global player in the transport industry and mobility services, Michelin relies on constant innovation and a responsible approach to building a more sustainable mobility of people and goods. The Movin’On Summit is a dynamic mix of top-tier speakers, industry-leading experts, hands-on working sessions, immersive collaborative experiences, next-level networking opportunities, technology showcases, product testing and launches, and more. It was designed to have participants explore and advance sustainable mobility in a stimulating setting while collaborating in atypical ways


The premier sustainable mobility annual event since 2017

Target audience

C-level and VP executives, professionals, representatives from governments and public sectors, media representatives, academics and NGO representatives


Montreal, Paris, Singapore


To collectively build the future of sustainable mobility through concrete solutions

C2 Solutions

Brand strategy, experience design, sales and partnerships, event technology, production and management, guest services


  • 4 days of live programming
  • 40 hours of live worldwide broadcasting
  • 1 million-plus minutes viewed by participants
  • 4,378 participants
  • 88 countries represented
  • 207 world-class speakers
  • 66 partners
  • 40 thought-provoking collaborative sessions


The best conference of 2018
A conference unlike any other
Harvard Business Review
Hugely inspiring and entertaining
Sir Richard Branson
The Davos of creativity
Le Nouvel Observateur

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Movin'On – Michelin

The Movin’On Summit is a dynamic mix of worldwide speakers, collaborative experiences, braindating, working sessions, technology showcases, product testing and launches, networking opportunities and more. It was designed to explore sustainable mobility in a stimulating setting while collaborating in atypical ways. The goal? Developing a more sustainable future for mobility, and moving from ambition to action.

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